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    Custom SQL - UNION ALL from Excel, Employee Details

    Dileep Reddy



      I have 2 sheets in single excel workbook, One sheet comes from the source "Utilization" and other comes from "Actives" source.

      Sheet1 contains something like below

      Sheet2 Contains something like below

      I have written the below custom SQL to combine these 2 sheets into single data source and developed dashboard.

      But my requirement is to show employee details in a table format below the dashboard. In Employee details I need to show both utilization and Leaves for a particular employee. But when I prepare a new sheet with employee level details, it looks something like below

      If you observe in the above screenshot, I have 2 rows for employees 'A' and 'B'. Ideally each employee should have only one row but since there is a difference between service area from 2 sources for single employee it is showing as 2 rows. I Know If i have to show service area in the details, I have to choose one of them to show since there cannot be 2 service areas for a person. So I want the service area from the source 'Actives' to appear in the details if the service area from the two sources are different for a single employee. For instance for employee 'A', ABB is the correct service area since it is coming from the source 'Actives'.


      How can I achieve this. My goal is to have only one row for one employee.


      I am attaching the sample workbook and Sample excel.


      Thanks in advance.