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    Blending data with multiple Google Analytics accounts - complexity and performance

    Andrew Flynn

      I'm attempting to aggregate data from multiple GA accounts, and as a proof of concept have succeeded in replicating this recommended method with my own data:http://vizpainter.com/google-analytics-in-tableau-blending-data-from-multiple-accounts/


      However, I am needing to connect to an ever-increasing number of GA properties, presently the number is 60 to bring in and blend. The scaffolding set-up will be tedious but at least it's a methodical process so I am prepared for that.  Of more concern are the multiple dimensions I need to work with in forming the Master data tables:  not only Date, but also location data - about 50,000 rows with Country/State/City level of detail - and more; and then I'll be working with 4 or 5 measures.

      Even working with extracts building the views is impossibly slow to be point of being non-viable.  That's just with 3 of the GA accounts imported so far.


      Does anyone have any experience in solving this?