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    Updating forecast as more information about current month is pulled from data source

    Rongsiu Lim

      Hi all -


      I am using Tableau's Forecasting functionality to forecast out sales for the next 3 months. In the forecast option - I have set the forecast to be done at a month level. Let's say I am forecasting sales for Oct, Nov and Dec using historical data from Jan to Sept. Can I set the forecast to update as additional daily sales data for October gets pulled into the datasource. Currently, if I choose "ignore last 1 month", it ignores all the data in October in creating the forecast for October. It seems that the forecast number for October will not change at anytime in Oct since it is only using data through the end of September. However, ideally I would like to see the forecast take into account the year to date sales data and updated the Oct. Nov, Dec forecast based on that.


      Also, I tried changing the forecast granularity to weekly or daily but both produces poor models.


      Thank you!