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    Combining multiple date fields

    Meredith Bennion

      Hi - I'm a new user with Tableau and I'm trying to recreate reports that I've written in Excel to dashboard formats. This is awesome except for a few quirks and I was hoping someone could help me out. I need to take patient records and count fields by date however in some cases we have multiple fields for the same event.


      For example:

      Patient ID
      Consult Date
      Outside Consult Date
      First Consult
      11/15/2015= b2
      22/1/2015= b3
      35/1/2015= c4
      41/20/2015= c5
      57/15/2015= b6


      I need to combine columns B & C into Column D so that I have just one "Consult Date" for each patient. I tried using MIN but then just got a bunch of Nulls. I feel like I'm missing something obvious but now I'm brain locked. What's the solution?