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    Repeat measure values independent of time dimension

    Varun Goel



      I have a dataset consisting of

      1. User

      2. Accounts

      3. Calls


      An account is owned by a user who makes calls on those accounts.


      I want to see in my report:

      1. All Accounts - Count of accounts owned by a user

      2. Calls Count - Number of calls made by the user in particular time frame


      What I am having difficulty is with showing the All Accounts for all the time frame. If there is a user who is not making any calls, I do not see his "All Accounts" count because there is no row with call date in my dataset. Even the Quarters/Months for which user does not have any call, the "All Accounts" count goes blank.


      Attaching a sample worksheet and excel data for reference.


      Any help is appreciated.




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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Varun,


          If I understand correctly, you'd like to show

          All Accounts value (the same one for each User)

          in every Year / Quarter combo cell on a view.


          This would need a kind of data densification,

          ie creating Marks for those Dimension values

          combinations not present in the datasource.


          One could trigger such a densification on a view

          by using a Table Calculation -- such as WINDOW_MAX() --

          instead of a simple Aggregate calculation.


          The other trick to have a view as needed

          is not Filter NULL values of a [Date] field,

          but Hide them instead.


          Please find the attached.

          Hope it helps.




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            Varun Goel

            Thanks Yuri,


            I got to the point where I included the Nulls in date filter and told the users that you would see the count in Null column if there are no calls in the selected dates.


            But this solutions works great, won't need any user training now