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    List of possible dashboards on SuperStore Data


      Hi Team,


      I am creating a list of dashboard ideas that can be done on Superstore dataset.

      This is for my students and friends who are learning Tableau. It will help them to start with a idea,PFB examples.


      Please point me to any links or blogs which has the same.


      Basically, to make them comfortable with charts, dashboards,calculated fields. (Yes, other topics too)

      It would be great if you could add the Skill Level too.




      1) Dashboard for Regional Heads to Know their Top selling Products and Top Customers. - Skill Level : Intermediate

      2) Dashboard on Regional Sales. Segment wise sales for each Region. List of Customers. - Skill Level : Beginner

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          I would actually pivot this a little and start with list of questions someone might have for this kind of data.

          What is the historical performance of my sales?

          Who are my top customers?

          Who are my top sales people?

          Are returns tied to seasonality?


          Don't raise robots that can build reports. Raise intelligent people that can start with the hint and interrogate the data.


          I honestly haven't studied Superstore enough but I found it very rewarding when data can actually expose something new and surprising as you slice and dice it. For one of my presentations I had to build my own dataset that at the high-level (i.e. monthly sales) looked very boring but as you add more dimensions (product category or order priority) it would tell a slightly different story ("Oh, I didn't realize we sell more sports good over summer").


          Sure, building fixed and well-known business reports is an important skill to have but that's not what we sell here at Tableau

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            Hi Team,


            Any additional points from others before I close this post.


            Thanks in advance.

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              Few Questions I made using above and my imagination. This was created for beginners, hence it might look easy.


              Please add if you have any.


              ►What is the historical performance of my sales?

              ►Who are my top customers by Sales?

              ►Who are my top Products by Sales?

              ►Are returns tied to seasonality?

              ►Regional Dashboard to understand Segment, Category

              ►What is my Avg. Sales Per Customer for Each Region?

              ►Top 10 Customers for Each Region

              ►How many Products in each Segment and Category?

              ►Which city Needs has least orders?

              ►Which City has most Sales, Profit, Discount?

              ►What is the last sold date of each Product?

              ►How many days did we take to ship each order?

              ►Create a scatterplot with Sales , Profit and detail - Customer

                Highlight the Top N customers in that

                Create Average Line on both axis

                Try Quartile using Distribution Band

              ►Forecast my sales for next two years

              ►How many customers do I have? How many customers  for each letter if you group them based on their first letter.

              ►Create Threshold color on a Bar chart

              ►Use Gantt chart to represent the no of days we took to ship?

              ►When was the highest Sales, Profit

              ►When was the least Sales, Profit