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    How to exclude dates

    Charlotte Moon

      I am hoping someone can help me with this as I have been around on this for a few hours....


      I have a set which identifies the last 13 weeks of data. However I am aware that I have some days with incomplete data that I would like to exclude.


      I've tried lots of things but have not been successful. This was my final attempt which tableau accepts as a formula but does not exclude the data.


      If anyone can help me I will be really happy


      DATEDIFF('day',[Sales Date],{fixed: max([Sales Date])}) < 91

      AND {fixed:max([Sales Date])} <> #13/7/2016#

      AND [Sales Date] <> #24/7/2016#

      AND [Sales Date] <> #2/8/2016#

      AND [Sales Date] <> #7/8/2016#

      AND [Sales Date] <> #28/9/2016#

      AND [Sales Date] <> #3/8/2016#