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    "only relevant values" filter not updating




      I have a data set which has project, sub-project and number of tickets.

      what i want to show on the dashboard is one project at a time and one sub-project at a time.


      The project filter is applied to all sheets using this data source, the sub-project filter is set to show relevant values only ( shown as slider so user can navigate between sub-projects).


      The issue here is that project A is selected (and thus sub-project A1 is shown and i can switch to A2) , but , when i change the project to B, the filter on sub-project is no longer functioning and is set always to show project A!


      Why "only relevant values" filter is not updating to show relevant values ?  (changing the sub-projects to the newly selected project)



      Thank you.

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          Simon Runc

          hi Ammar,


          So I think one of the issues here, is that for B and C there is only one Sub-Project, so "B1" and "All" in the Sub-Project filter equate to the same.


          I've added a B2, B3 and C2, C3 to the data...below is a .gif using the "Single Value Drop-down". As you can see if you select, say A1 then switch the Project to B, it shows nothing as it still has A1 selected in Sub-Project, and there is no Project = B and SubProject = A1. However, when we click in the Sub-Project filter, we can then only see B1,B2, & B3.


          Using DropDown.gif


          The Slider works in a very similar way (.gif below). As per the "drop-down", there is nothing showed (as the Sub-project filter is still set to A1), but when we click on the slider, it gives us the B1,B2,B3 options.


          Using Slider.gif


          Although this might not be the "perfect" behaviour for your situation (I assume you'd like it to "automatically" select B1, when you move from Project A -> B), it is consistent with how filters work. Tableau doesn't "know" that B1 is the first (default) selection for B (even if it's obvious to us humans!), and (in general) the behaviour where changing one filter lets Tableau, change another filter (based on some internal logic) would not be desirable.


          Hope that helps.

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            Thanks Simon, actually yes i need the filter to change to B1 (or at least one option of project B list) when i change from Project A to Project B. and thus showing the tickets.


            In the real life dashboard, the user will not see any tickets when he changes to project B , and will think that the dashboard is not working (Especially when seeing A2 in the list !). He does not know that he has to go the filter to navigate to the correct sub-project.


            I really hope there is a work around for this behavior. as showing empty results as default will not be acceptable.



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              Simon Runc

              I really hope there is a work around for this behavior.

              not that I'm aware of (using regular filters anyway). The issue here is that Filters in Tableau aren't 'linked' to one another, so you are unable to get one filter to talk to another filter (in the way you want)...in your case you'd want the Sub-Project filter to be "reset" when the Project filter is changed. In something like D3.js we could do this (as we can code any bespoke behaviour we want), but it would take a day (vs 5 mins) to create a bar chart!!


              I think the only way to get anything similar would be to create the Sub-project filter as a sheet and use action-filters (of which we do have more control), although you wouldn't get a slider.


              One other option, that would partly work, is to have the sub-project filter as just the number (so B1 = 1, B2 = 2...C1 = 1, C2 = 2...etc.), you could do this just using the RIGHT function. This way if "1" was selected when you moved from A to B (in the Project Filter) you'd still have content in the Viz as the 2 filters would now show Project = A and Sub-Project Number = 1 and then on change from A -> B, you'd have Project = B and Sub-Project Number = 1, which would still be valid (B1)...of course if there were different numbers in each group (say A went from 1-4), and user had 4 selected, moving to B would be B4, which again would blank the screen.

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                Alex Xu

                Hi Ammar,


                Why don't you try to use action for this?


                In the dashboard, you only have "project" filter and uncheck the show "All" Value so by default, only one project will show at a time.

                then you go dashboard->action create two filters. so "project" worksheet apply to both "sub project" and "tickets", and "sub project" worksheet only work to "tickets"

                then you will see only one project (file attached)

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                  Hi Alex


                  Thanks for your reply.


                  My main issue is that not seeing one project at a time, but , seeing one sub-project at a time (with a slider filter for sub project, so that the user can switch between sub-projects like A1 and A2).


                  In your workbook , both A1 and A2 are showing, we need only A1 to show and we can switch to A2.

                  and when the user changes the project to B, the sub-project sheet will show B1, and the sub-project filter will show B1 too.

                  The same apply for C.



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                    . Ashish

                    Hi Ammar,


                    Were you able to get any solution for this? I am having the exact same problem.

                    Please let me know if there's any solution for it.



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                      Hi Ashish


                      I am sorry, i could not find a solution for this problem.

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                        Dinkar Patalay

                        Hi Simon,


                        How do I build this concept?

                        Can you provide me the steps.




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                          Simon Runc

                          Hi Dinkar,


                          I’m away for the next few days, but if you can give me a bit more

                          information on your issue & the behaviour you are trying to get to, I can

                          take a look when I’m back.

                          On Thu, 6 Dec 2018 at 20:35, Dinkar Patalay <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>