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    Educational Brain Teaser : Headers Down Below (Edition 10)

    Yuriy Fal

      Hi friends,


      A year and a half ago Jonathan Drummey teased our brains with this


      Educational Brain Teaser: Headers Down Below on Grouped Bar Chart


      The other day, referring Yet Another Community Fellow to the teaser above,

      a spike has arrived in my (then-drained) brain, that with Tableau 10 at hand

      it would be nice to have a grouped-bar chart "Headers Down Below" style.



      On a Single View. No Dash.


      Here is how a view would look (both Profit and Sales, with Region names down below):



      As one could see, it differs (a lot) from the original, hence the name (Edition 10).

      Besides, there are some visual cues to compare with. And I cheat a lot, sorry :-)


      Hope it helps to find the way(s) and to tease my fellas brains.





      PS  The workbook (version 10) will be published next Friday, October 14, 2016.

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