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    Having a line graph start on the exact date you input on the date filter

    Alex Keaney

      Firstly, let me thank everyone of you that contributes to this forum. unbelievable helpful resource and I plan to contribute myself once my KB builds up enough


      So my problem here is that all of my charts, especially my line graphs never include data from the date I select in my dashboard filters. Tableau seems to automatically choose the next closest week start date in the future of the date that I filter for.


      The expected behavior I would like to see is that the very first point on my line charts be on the date that I have chosen in my filter and not the week start date that Tableau auto chooses for me. I have tried to drill down to the day series in the axis but still no luck.


      Unfortunately I cannot share the dashboard i am working on given the nature of the data.


      I have searched far and wide and have not come up with a solution so any help at all is appreciated.


      Many thanks.

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          Joe Oppelt

          You can anonymize your data.  See this video:


          Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


          If we need to go to a packaged workbook, that's what you can do to help someone help you.


          But first help me understand what you are saying.  If you pick a date through your filter, and if there is no data on that date, Tableau picks your next date where there actually IS data to start your chart.  And you want to see the chosen date as your starting point, no matter how far in the future your first actual data point is.

          Is that correct?


          You can add a reference line equal to the chosen starting date.  You can tell tableau not to label it, and not to show it.  By doing that, you force a mark on the chart at the chosen starting date, and tableau will obey that.