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    Add User to Site

    Mamady Sylla



      I have been working with the REST API for some time now.


      Whenever I try to call the service to add a user to a site I get a response of Error 500 Internal Server Error.


      Has anyone found a solution to this or has this been reported before?


      Kind regards,



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          Diego medrano

          Hey Mamady,


          If you're still hoping to get help with this question I have some questions:


          1. Are you able to successfully complete other commands?

          2. Could you show us the command you're using?

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            Patrick Abernathy

            Good morning.  I'm not sure if you have a solution or not with this, but I have this call implemented in a C# project I created so I'll plug in the code I use.  This code follows the API call to add the group and the user. My code fills in {siteId} after the API logs in.


            Hope this helps.


            public void AddUsersToGroupByName(string siteId, List<string> users)
                foreach (var user in users)
                    var tableauApi = new TableauApi();
                    var groupId = tableauApi.GetGroups().FirstOrDefault(g => g.Name == siteId).GroupId;
                    var userId = tableauApi.GetUsers().FirstOrDefault(g => g.Name == user).UserId;
                    tableauApi.AddUserToGroup(groupId, userId);


            public void AddUserToGroup(Guid groupId, Guid userId)
                var endPoint = "sites/{siteId}/groups/" + groupId +"/users";
                var body =
                    "<tsRequest> " +
                    "   <user id=\"" + userId + "\" />" +
                    "</tsRequest> ";
                var client = new TableauRestClient(endPoint, HttpVerb.POST, body);