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    Math function with three variables (correlation)

    Mia ahm

      Helloo ! I want to analyse some data in order to program a pricing algorithm. Following dates are available:


      I need a function/correlationfactor of the three variables/dimension which show the change of the Median (price) while the three dimensions (pers_capacity, amount of bedrooms, amount of bathrooms) grow. e.g. Y(#pers_capacity,bedroom,bathroom) = ..


      - in the screenshot  are not all the data available (just a part of it)

      - median => price per night

      e.g. For 7 persons, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom is the median price 249$ per night

      Do you have some ideas how I can calculate the correlation/equation (f(..)=...) in order to get a reliable factor? How is it doable on tableau? => I have 3 x-variable (person_cap, bathroom, bedroom) and 1 y-variable (median price).

      Kind regards