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    How do I divide time by a whole number and return time?

    Vishal Patel



      I am trying to divide a number (which I have converted to seconds) by a whole number and return back to a time format. In Excel, it works fine, but using the same logic in Tableau does not...any ideas?


      Note: The column named Cal THT takes the time i have in seconds and converts to hh:mm:ss. I am trying to divide it by the first column Inbound calls (my failed column that doesn't work in Tableau is named AHT)


      < Tableau results. The last column is not reflecting what Excel shows below. The Cal THT in Tableau takes # Seconds/ 86400 and formats to HH:MM:SS.

      < The AHT column is a calculated column that takes Cal THT/Total IB Calls. Cal THT is not a calculated column; I named it to stay consistent.


      Any ideas why I can't get this to work in Tableau?