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    Zoom toolbar BUG - help!!

    Hamid Yazdi

      Our users rely on the zoom toolbar quite a bit to see expand the charts.  However, we have noticed a major bug when using the zoom feature.  If anyone knows how to fix this or get around it, it would be greatly appreciated.


      The issue is as follows:

      - We display one chart with multiple rows.  Each row has the Y axis defined as "Independent Axis Range for each row".

      - When the user decide to zoom in to a particular area in one of the charts using the Zoom Toolbar, suddenly ALL rows change to "FIXED" X an Y numbers based on the area that the user selected to zoom.

      - The problem with this is that all the other rows now become not visible to the user so they cannot compare the area they zoomed into to all the other rows.

      - On top of the problem above, when the user clicks on the Home/Rest button, now the charts are displayed with Axis as "Automatic" instead what they were originally configured to be which was "Independent Axis".  The problem here is that now, all the lines have the same axis range and show up as flat lines.


      Below are the screen shots of each step; as well as a copy of the workbook.   Please help!!!





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          David Li

          Hi Hamid! This isn't a bug per se; it's a natural consequence of how axis settings work in Tableau.


          One way you may be able to get around this is to separate this sheet into several different sheets and arrange them vertically in a dashboard. That will allow all the axes to be truly independent.

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            Hamid Yazdi

            Unfortunately, that doesn't work. 

            We display 100+ different charts...all of them dynamically...all data driven.  In other words, based on certain fields/conditions, we show in one chart, 1-n rows, each row having 1-n lines.


            If this was a static 5 different charts, I agree with your approach by creating them separately and then show them stacked in a dashboard, each with their own individual axis and zoom tool.  But sadly that simply will not work.

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              David Li

              Ah, that's too bad! I don't know of another way around it, but perhaps someone else will. Best of luck!