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    Inconsistent behaviour- Tableau dynamic Color code

    Akkoli Pottammal

      Hi Team,

      we have a problem statement related with color coding in Tableau.



      Simplified sample scenario:

      We have 2 calculated fields – X & Y.

      If X > Y , we should show both fields in Green color//#ED1C24

      If X=Y ,  we should show both fields in in Orange color #FFCE06

      If X<Y, we should show both fields in in Red color #E62125


      Steps followed:

      1.    Click "Analysis" and select Create "Calculated Field."
      2. In the Formula text box, type the following IF and ELSEIF statement

      IF X> Y  THEN “#ED1C24

      ELSEIF X = Y  THEN “#FFCE06

                ELSEIF X<Y THEN "#E62125"



      3) Place the calculated field on the Color shelf



      If X= 100 & Y =100

      Both X& Y should be displayed in #FFCE06” color



      If X= 100 & Y =100

      Both X& Y is getting displayed in#FFCE06” color in only certain sheets, not in all sheets .

      Problem statement

      Color code is getting reflected properly only in a certain sheets of a dashboard.

      Other Items I can see that calculation is success but color code is not getting reflected.It shows different colors

      Tableau shows inconsistent behaviour  while dealing with color codes.





      Looking for support to fix this issue.

      Any help is appreciated.