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    Compare multiple values in same column

    Abhinav Kumar

      Hi Guys,


      I am facing an issue here. I have a data set with for example first name, last name and title. I want to check which all rows contains the similar data.

      For eg:

      S.No.First NameLast NameTitle

      Here S.No. 5 is exactly same as 3 and S.No. 6 is same as row 2. I want to achieve this same functionality in Tableau. I am not able to figure out the basic step as to how to compare two values from the same column.

      You guys have been great so far in helping me out.




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          Simon Runc

          hi Abhinav,


          So the easiest way is to concatenate the 3 columns into a single one...and then you can do a COUNTD, or whatever other tests you want to perform.


          so add the calculated field


          [Name] + [Last Name] + [Title]


          You might even want to add a '/' between each, just in case a double-barrelled name, with no surname could be misconstrued as the same (unlikely, but when it comes to names I'm never surprised!)


          [Name] + '/' + [Last Name] +'/'+ [Title]


          Hope that does the trick.