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    How to Group markets?

    Niranjan Banarjee



      I have got an instance where I want the geography Measure to club few countries based on parameter.


      Sample as below, where Group-1 is a parameter.on change of parameter the country in the line chart should change.

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          Hi Niranjan,


          Create a calculated field like this and Group Selector is just a Parameter with Values - Group - 1, Group - 2, Group -3.


          Add that Calc field to Filter and exclude Null.


          PFA Workbook.


          I guess we have simpler solution in Tableau 10 using Groups in calculated field (similar to the below formula I guess).

          I donot have access to Tableau 10 right now.



          Pls try the below option too. It works fine for me.


          Hope this helps.






          if ([Country] = "A" OR [Country] = "B" OR [Country] = "C" OR [Country] = "D") AND [Group Selector] = "Group - 1"



          elseif ([Country] = "C" OR [Country] = "D" OR [Country] = "E" OR [Country] = "F") AND [Group Selector] = "Group - 2"



          elseif ([Country] = "G" OR [Country] = "H" OR [Country] = "I" OR [Country] = "J") AND [Group Selector] = "Group - 3"