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    Show last 7-day daily average of hourly data

    Tomas Larriba

      Hi everyone,


      First time I'm using your help... I'm not very proficient yet with the whole "Table Calculations" concept in Tableau and I'm not being able to get what looks simple to me:


      What I have: A set of hourly data (energy consumption) from a client's building (this means I can't share it with you )

      What I need: A unique value in text that displays the average of the 6 days prior to yesterday and yesterday itself.

      What I have achieved: Using window_avg I have been able to calculate the correct value, my problem is that I'm not able to display ONLY the value for yesterday but the whole set for the past week:

      What I need is to get Tableau to give me, in this case, just the value for the 25th (yesterday) and hide the rest! Any ideas??


      Thanks a lot