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    How to take values from a price list (looking for the more efficient way)

    Federico Armentano

      Hi all! I would like to start this discussion that I think It will be very helpfull for the Tableau community. I have try different ways and I will share my expierences.

      The excel "Data query Tableau" attached contains a mean source data with:

      Data 1: contain all the records with their respective quantities.

      Data 2: contain the price list

      The idea is to take the prices for the common column "col". Then, we expected to get the value = price X quantity.



      After trying differents alternatives like union (it is option one and have the problem that you can see) or pivot data (you will get unnecessary datasources) I decided that the best option was to get the prices as you can see in the sheet option 1.a, export data and then create a secondary data source with that. In this way, you will be able to make your pXq calculations.


      I would like to avoid export data and create secondaries data source but I am not sure that I can apply a more efficient solution.


      This is really useful because you can recalculate amount prices and find errors then with a filter. I am sure someone have a smarter solution.


      I hope this discussión is helpful for the community.


      Thanks all!


      Pooja Gandhi