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    URL Action not passing values

    Carlos Flores

      I have a worksheet (CAR) and have given it an action to load a Web Page.


      My goal is to pass not only the url, but the value of the car_no to the embedded Web Page.

      My action url: (tableau_url)?CAR_NO=<car_no>


      When i hit test link, it is correctly passing the url value i assigned to the worksheet (CAR).

      But when i publish, it is no longer working.


      Any idea what might be going on?


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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hi Carlos,


          Unfortunately this is tricky to figure out without seeing your workbook.


          Does the URL look as your would expect when you publish? Typically when you click "Test link", it's only going to test one value, so if other values are null in your data source, that could be some of the problem.


          I'd also just like to clarify: Are <Tableau_Url> and <car_no> both fields in your dataset? Or is <Tableau_URL> the URL of the dashboard you are publishing? You could be running into issues with that as well.


          Good luck!