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    Question on cohort change over time

    Clifford Thomas

      Greetings fellow tableau users,


      Relatively new user, with a (probably) easy to solve problem.


      I have a three spreadsheets, each representing a separate year, containing data on all the employees in a school district . Rows are the individual employees along with unique employee identification numbers, columns are information about each of those employees (their school, their salary, their title, etc.)


      I'm trying to figure out a way to analyze movement of employees between schools, track the number of employees that exit the data set completely from one year to the next and track the number of employees that are new to the data set every year.


      The cohort analysis guides I've seen tend to start with data that includes dates of entry and exit for employees; I don't have that data explicitly provided in this instance. Help!

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Clifford,

          Did you find a solution to your issue described here? 


          If assistance is still needed, please supply a small - (5-10 rows per sheet) example data set and tell us what version of Tableau you are working with.  My first thought is to utilize a union join between the three sheets but they would need to have some data element to identify the year on each row.  Once we see the data and know what version of Tableau is in use, we can provide options that might work for you.  A sample data set helps a bunch for the users of the community to jump in and assist. 


          Thank you