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    How can I filter date-time data in my dashboard to show a viz for a range of time, a date slider of some sort?

    Phelis Nakato


      I recently started using tableau, I'm still learning as I go but I'm loving it so far. I have created a viz, of my dummy data, attached below along with the workbook. In my viz, I have a dashboard where I filter the quantity of a given product buy month.  Please see Viz here for a better understanding.


      As you can see, when you select a particular month, you get a visualization for that month. I am wondering if there is a way, rather than getting data visualized for a particular month or day, that I could select a range of time, say between Jan to Feb and get this data visualized in my dashboard in the same manner I have done in my workbook.


      Thank you in advance for you help.