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    How to hide a bar based on specific subset of the bar

    Dan Harrison

      Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can help.


      I have some survey data. In my dashboard, I have a bar that is split into four segments: people who answered "Yes" to two questions; "Yes" to just the first question; Yes" to just the second question; and "No" to both questions. The bars are percent of total across, meaning that they add up to the 100%.


      There is one bar for each demographic. So, for example, I have a bar chart that shows the breakdown for 16–24 year-olds; one for 25–34 year-olds etc.


      The requirement is this. I want the entire bar to be excluded if any one or more of the sections within it is made up of fewer than three people/records.


      So, for example, the bar may be as follows for 16–24 year-olds:

      • Yes to both: 3 people
      • Yes to first question: 3 people
      • Yes to second question: 2 people
      • No to both questions: 2 people.

      Without the exclusion, we'd have 30%, 30%, 20%, 20%. But because one or more of the blocks represents only two people, the entire bar for 16–24 year-olds should be excluded.


      There is an additional requirement, that the bar should be excluded if the total number of respondents within that entire bar falls below 30, but that is simple enough to do.


      Attached is a sample workbook to help.


      Hoping someone can come to my assistance. :-) Thank you,