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    Create points on map for range of dates?

    Rebecca Reis

      Hi y'all, I have a big set of data with lat/long for a map using Tableau Public 10. I also have two dimensions: Year added (the year the point was added to the map) and Year removed (self explanatory). What I've been able to do is show the points adding to the map by year (using a filter with a slider) but I've been unable to find a way to get the points excluded when the year is equal to the Year removed dimension. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve this? I feel like it should be pretty simple but I'm just not getting it to work. You can see it here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/publish/ErosionMap/Dashboard1

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          I'm not sure if this is going to work for your setup,

          but I used kettan's method of cross joins

          CROSS JOIN with Tableau's join dialog

          to join a lat-long dataset to a second sheet of just

          the full range of dates (attached).


          This lookup date can be placed on the pages shelf

          or made into a parameter which can be used as slider (attached).


          Alternatively, if you can pivot your dates (using the Data Source tab)

          to get one column of Date Type and then a column of Date Value,

          you could use a parameter and a Level of Detail Calculation to

          accomplish the same.


          The parameter would be created off of the Date Value field.

          Since the Added and Removed dates are now on separate lines,

          you would need to fix them per city, like this for Added:

          { FIXED [City]:MIN(IF [DateType]="Date Added" THEN [DateValue] END)}


          Likewise for Removed.


          Then you could filter using

          [DateValue Parameter]>=[FixedAdded]

          AND [DateValue Parameter]<[FixedRemoved]