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    Using Javascript API on a cached URL/Viz

    Moshe Gottlieb

      Have been using the javascript API to do a variety of operations including building custom tabs on the viz (and not using ones generated from the workbook)

      I render these tabs within onFirstInteractive callback and its working great.


      We then started running into some serious performance issues - very slow loading viz- and we started exploring ways to improve performance and make better use of caching (given our specific business use case).


      We discovered that by appending #1 to our viz url the caching improvement is tremendous.

      for eg...instead of


      we use



      BUT - doing so breaks all our above custom tab code.

      For eg

      - OnFirstInteractive no longer fires!!

      - Trying to call methods on the viz throw an excetion - for eg calling viz.getWorkbook() throws Cannot read property 'get_workbook' of null

      - even specifying options on the viz like hideTabs and hideToolbar have NO impact, ie nothing changes. (height and width do change)

      It almost seems like using this cached viz (#1) does not create a full viz object and does not allow any manipulation of the viz!


      This is a big problem for us and I cant find any support/help on this.

      Has anyone experienced anything like this ? Any suggested fixes or workarounds?


      Thank you