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    Filter values in multiple columns

    Mauricio Cacho Gutierrez

      Hello. I'm having a problem with some filter. Let me explain my situation:


      I have one table with name of product and three columns "tag1", "tag2" and "tag3"; and the user can add anything he wants in the tags, it doesn't matter the order; i.e:


      product1chocolate50 grkids
      product250 gr
      product3kidschocolate250 gr


      Now I need a filter that has values "chocolate", "50 gr", "kids", "250 gr"; and when the user selects "50 gr" the filter search in the three columns so it filter only product3.

      I've done some research and found with two options that looked fine but doesn't fully works for me:


      The first one (Multi-field wildcard search ) creates a calculated field with the concatenation of the three columns and then with filters with a CONTAINS, with a text input. It works almost perfectly, but if the user search "50 gr" in the example, the product3 still appear because "250 gr" contains "50 gr"; so it's a problem.


      Then I found another one (Filter values in two fields ), in this scenario it's used the values of the three columns to create a parameter, and then filter with the parameter. It works very fine in the first time, but later I learned that parameters are statics, so when a new tag is created (with a new product, for example) it doesn't exists in the parameter.


      So, again I'm stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.