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    Drill down on Stacked Bar Chart

    Anil Pottem

      Hi Friends ,


      I have a problem that I'm struggling


      I have a Product Hierarchy


      Product - 2 Products / 3 max

      Category - 4 Categories for each product

      Sub-category - 4 categories for each sub category


      I have Txn Hr and Txn Qty ,


      User wants a drill down on a Stacked bar chart


      Columns I have Txn Hr's

      Rows I have Sum(Txn Qty)


      I created the Hierarchy


      I placed the Product Hierarchy in Color ( to get different colors when I drill down)


      It's not allowing me to drill down / drill up



      Do you have any suggestion of how best to make it work


      Below shown figure is the first level and it should allow users to drill down and up accordingly .


      Inline image 1

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          Vincent Baumel

          It doesn't look like the picture loaded correctly. Could you try again? Also, I'm not sure exactly what you mean by drilling down within a stacked bar. Are you intending that the user clicks one segment of the bar, then it brings up a new bar showing a breakdown of that segment?

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            Anil Pottem



            Her you go ..


            Yes once the user clicks on a segment it should drill down and bring the next segment.


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              Vincent Baumel

              This can be done through dashboard actions. Let's build a worksheet using the Superstore data set.


              First, bring State to Columns and Quantity to Rows. If you want, you can sort and filter it down to 10 like I did. I brought Category onto color, since it would be the simplest stacked bar given the existing hierarchies:




              I put this in its own Dashboard, which I'll come back to later. Next I created a new worksheet that was exactly the same except I dragged Sub-Category onto color instead of Category. I put this worksheet in a second dashboard.


              Going to the first dashboard, I hit Dashboard > Actions... and created a Filter Action that looks like this:




              What this is doing is basically "Whichever segment you click on in the first dashboard, use that state and category as your filters for the second dashboard." If I click on the blue Furniture segment in Illinois, it brings me to the second dashboard and shows me this:




              There are other (slightly more complicated) ways of doing this, but it's one approach that might get you what you need. If there's any part of this that you're not sure how it works, let me know!

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                Anil Pottem

                Thank you so much Vincent ,



                This helps me a lot.


                One final questions .

                When I publish the dashboard I have to publish all 3 right to make it work and to pass actions correctly .

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                  Vincent Baumel

                  This will probably depend on whether you're using Tableau Online, Tableau Public, Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server. I'm not familiar with Tableau Server, but when I'm publishing from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Online I usually right-click and "hide" all of the worksheets, then publish all of the dashboards in the workbook that I want to be available for use. In this example, I would hide the two worksheets and publish the two dashboards as "sheets" in the publishing prompt.