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    Gantt chart - in/out datediff with breaks

    Piotr Adamczyk

      Hello Tableau Community!


      I would like to ask your about small help. I want to count working time and show it on the gant chart.

      How to count working hours when someone come to the work morning and made 2 brakes or more.


      I don't know who to count it without modifications in the datasource.


      I have to count all time where that worker (Card No. dimension) works and show it on gant bar.




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          Ashish Chaudhari

          Hi Piotr,


          Please find the attached screenshot below to answer you question. Please find the attached for the same created using tableau 10.

          Let me know if this solves your query.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Ashish Chaudhari

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            Piotr Adamczyk

            Hi Ashish,


            Thanks you very much for your fast feedback. I have no problem to show in/out moments on the gantt-chart. The case is to show it as a gantt-chart with something in the size like on the screenshot below:


            Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-13 o 11.33.17.png


            I have counted datediff before first "In" and last "Out" in one day. I can visualize it but I don't have any idea how to count from first "In" to the break (first "Out") and then from second "In" to second "Out" etc. and how to use it as a size to grate real gantt-bar.


            Have you got any idea without any preparation in the source file? If I prepare file like: Date | Type (in/out) | time start | time end there is no problem to count it and viz. But I can't change the input files unfortunately.


            I will be glad for any help guys!