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    New/Repeat Customers

    Seth Wells

      Hi All,


      I have made this work in the past, but no luck now.  I am trying to understand, by month and by product (filter on product), how many new customers have been added and how many were repeat for Jan 2015 to July YTD.  My date is called Year/Month, End Customer Number is the unique number for each customer, and Product is a calculated field for grouping products.


      Right now I have:


      Measure (qty/sales) in the columns



      New/Repeat Calculation (as seen below)


      IF [Year/Month] = { fixed [End Customer Number], [Product] : min([Year/Month]) } then 'New for' + " " + str([Product]) ELSE 'Repeat for' + " " + str([Product]) END


      The above formula I tried, but it shows all "new" customers in Jan 2015 (no "repeat") and then everything is "repeat" after that with no "new."


      Can anyone help?