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    Conditional color when a filter is selected

    Nandhakumar Ramanathan



      How to achieve the below scenario in Tableau 9.3?


        1. Filter on state: No warning if the user is just selecting a state (each state seems to have enough credibility).
        2. Filter on CSP: Warning if premium for any given CSP(s) & year is less than 5M
        3. Filter on state/CSP: Warning if premium for any given state(s)/CSP(s) & year is less than 200K.  We’ll let them know that when filtering on both state and CSP, the intention is to select multiple CSPs or multiple states, not just one of each.  If too complicated to have 2 different conditions, just go with the state/csp condition (not the csp alone)





      I am using the below formula to get the "Red" color but whenever I select the state filter  I am getting the Red color where the requirement is different.


      If ([Loss Ratio Cal])<5000000 then "Alert"

      ELSE "Ok"




      It will be very helpful if I get some solution ASAP.