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    Retain % of Total at 2nd level of a Category

    Santosh Patil



      I have some challenges that I need help with. I'm using the default Sample - Superstore Saved Data source as a reference data source to the attached workbook. 

      1. Retain the % of Total at the 2nd level of Category either with a Table Cal or a LoD function. In the attached sheet it is Manufacturer by each Sub Category.
      2. Display just the top 5 (or user entered with a parameter) of these Manufacturers with their original % share retained.
      3. Display the addition of these top 5 manufacturer's share. For e.g. in the image below I need to state - TOP 5 (or user entered number) manufacturers hold 70% of the market share for each SUB CATEGORY (in this case Accessories).


      Retain Per 1.PNG


      Pooja Gandhi would appreciate your help.