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    When using date as a filter - having it default to trailing twelve months (TTM)

    Matthew Kuchers

      Hi all,

      I haven't seen this covered in another thread specifically so I wanted to ask, is it possible to have a filter or calculation that always shows the data from the last 12 months when a visualization is uploaded to Tableau server?

      I have quite a few healthcare visualizations all of them using some sort of date field on the x-axis which splits out the data I'm showing by year/month (ei. January 2016, February 2016, March 2016, etc). In every visual there is a filter to select which months a user may want to view. All of these visuals have been uploaded to Tableau server where our company users can choose what months they want to look at. What I'm having difficulty with is making sure that every-time they open the visual it shows by default the trailing 12 months instead of simply the months that were selected in the filter when it was initially uploaded to Tableau server. The issue is each report runs off an extract and the data updates nightly from our SQL server back-end. If I upload a report this month it'll show September 2015 to September 2016 month data. But if you go to look at the report next month, you'll still see the Sept 2015-Sept 2016 month data even though October data will now be an option to be selected in the month filter in the visualization once it opens. I want for every month (when new data is loaded into the extract) for the visual to default to open up with the current TTM data but still give users the ability to change the months they want to look at if they need to. Is this a filter option or can an equation work with the current data filter to do what I want to accomplish?