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    Dynamic Ranking for Survey Results

    Brad Gaston

      I am doing an analysis on survey results and the one item that I am struggling with is creating a ranking that works dynamically with filters.  In the image below, I am comparing the employee response to the target response.  I would like to rank the top gaps and top strengths by Question for each Employee level.  The tops gaps would be represented by target comparison result of -3 or -2 and top strengths would be represented by a target comparison of 2 or 3    As an example:


      Top gaps ranking for Employee Level MM3.2

      Q12:  -3 response 50%

      Q10   -2 response 22%

      Q14   -3 response 15%



      I did some research and I think a LOD calc would help accomplish this but I can't wrangle the syntax to accomplish it.    I appreciate any input/assistance!  Thanks!  - Brad