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    Substraction on different Worksheets


      Hi everyone ,


      I'm new in the community, and I've been using Tableau for 1 month now, and I like this software a lot.

      I have a little problem doing a Dashboard.

      I created many calculated fields to have new groups containing different dimensions.

      I created these new fields to be displayed individually on my dashboard, with an amount associated.

      I want to substract these independent fields, which belongs to independent sheets.


      I give you an example to be more accurate :

      I have 3 dimensions "Credit Europe", "Credit Asia" and "Credit USA" and I want to group them.

      To do so, I create a new field with an IF condition, grouping those 3 fields into one named "Credit Worldwide".

      I do the same thing with a loss dimension, 3 dimension ("Europe","Asia","USA") into 1 named "Loss Worldwide".

      I display the amount of these 2 fields on my Dashboard and i want to create a new field or Text Zone to show the calculation : "Credit Worldwide" - "Loss Worldwide"

      How can I do it, knowing that the same filter applies on those fields ?


      I hope this is possible, Thanks a lot for your help !