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    separate area with different colour

    Dilyana Suleymanova

      Hi there,

      I have follow graph:

      It is just a picture on the background. I would like to mark some areas on this pics. I have upload a picture and mark some points on it (X, Y) and create follow data set:

      Mobile phonesMobile phones a166,82805,11
      Mobile phonesMobile phones b174,64688
      Mobile phonesMobile phones c54,74689,2
      Mobile phonesMobile phones d54,74798,6
      Kitchen equipmentKitchen equipment a58,65562,87
      Kitchen equipmentKitchen equipment b212,44565,48
      Kitchen equipmentKitchen equipment c56,04401,39
      Kitchen equipmentKitchen equipment d213,74397,48
      Music&Books&GamesMusic&Books&Games a57,35234,69
      Music&Books&GamesMusic&Books&Games b53,44108,36
      Music&Books&GamesMusic&Books&Games c383,18237,3
      Music&Books&GamesMusic&Books&Games d109,4852,36
      Music&Books&GamesMusic&Books&Games e414,46114,87
      Music&Books&GamesMusic&Books&Games f182,4765,38

      FYI: every area has some points, i.e. area mobile phone has 4 points.

      Now I woulöd like to mark every area (kitchen equipment, mobile phones etc.)  with one colour.

      For an exampla like this:

      It's mean, area: mobile phone should have one colour, area kitchen equipments another colour.


      How can I do that? Maybe you know another method to do that!


      Please find my workbook in attachment.


      Thank you in advance!