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    Internal Process Survey data with single and multiple selection.

    Ganesh Vijay Kumar

      Hello Experts,


      I am newbie to Tableau.


      I am trying to derive analytics and show visualizations in Tableau for internal process data.


      First of all I am struggling to figure out how to organize the data.


      Just to give little bit of the background on how we collate the data.


      We have a share point list where the user is given access to update the sub-process and select the questions/categories. Below is the screen shot for your reference. They can choose single or multiple values.


      Internal Process Survey.PNG


      We have around 16 Sub process, 8 Regions, 9 Questions to select. I would need your help to understand what is the best suitable format to analyse and visualize the data in tableau.

      I have attached two formats which i could think of for your reference, Please let me know which format i could choose or if i have to organize the data in any other format.


      And also I'm struggling to figure out how to display multiple response questions in Tableau. I would like to visualize Overall and by region, By process and by questions/category. Not sure what is the best way to show visualization and help users to understand where they stand. If anyone could suggest me any sample workbook which is suitable for the above requirement would be great and really appreciated.


      Looking forward for your positive response.