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    How to replace "No values" [Not Nulls] with N/A

    Mohita Solanki

      I am trying to create a tabular report from the database but the view has some values which are not there are for some rows.

      Instead of letting them remain empty and white, I want to replace them will N/A but it's not happening.


      I tried using ZN and Lookup together as per an answer to a similar question in vain.


      The report is something like this:


      Name     C1     C2     C3     C4

      N1         Abc    Abc             Abc

      N2                   Abc    Abc



      Name     C1     C2     C3     C4

      N1         Abc    Abc    N/A    Abc

      N2        N/A     Abc    Abc    N/A


      The table in the db does not hold the row for which there is no value eg: there is a row

      N1 C1 Value

      but no row like this.

      N1 C3 Null


      It's just not there.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thank you,