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    How to become a Tableau Expert?

    Steve Solun

      Hello Experts,


      I am learning to be data scientist and BI expert.

      Please guide me what should I learn in order to be a real professional.


      Share links/topics I should cover.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Andrew Watson

          In my opinion top BI people are business people with a good knowledge of IT. A report you deliver is information for the business to make informed decisions - therefore you need to understand what they want and why when often they don't know what they want - or at least aren't able to articulate this. Therefore you need to learn business.


          You also need to know the technical. I personally believe SQL is essential to use Tableau well. To learn Tableau study the online courses, perhaps take a classroom lesson...and spend a lot of time answering questions on this forum :-)

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            Understanding data models, data structure is vital in my opinion