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    dynamic chaning text

    Seb Bec

      I have a dashboard that displays data based on a "Quick
      filter" selection.  I also added a floating "text" for labeling.

      When I select a choice in quick filter, is there a way to dynamically also change the text in
      the label?

      using Tableau 9.1

      thank you

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          Kashish Chauhan

          Hi Seb,



          I am afraid there is no way to dynamically display data in Text box object in Tableau. What you can do is, you can use the field which you want to dynamically change in the sheet title itself. That way when you select any other value in your Filter then that value will get displayed on the sheet title.


          For example:


          Here I am using the Client field as my sheet title and also the Client dimension is on the filter. Initially it is showing the value ALL on the title as my selected filter value is ALL.




          But now if I change it then my title will also get updated dynamically.




          Now to insert the dimension on the Sheet title just do the following steps:


          1. Double click on the sheet title and you will get the below displayed dialog box.



          2. From there just click on Insert button and select Client.



          That is it.




          I hope this helps.






          Kashish Chauhan

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            Shriram Saxena

            Hi Bec,


            Yes you can change that.


            Right a calculation like that


            CASE [Category]



            WHEN "Furniture" THEN "Furniture"



            WHEN "Office Supplies" THEN "Office Supplies"



            WHEN "Technology" THEN "Technology"









            Go to the dashboard title insert this calculation using the insert option on the right.



            Change the filter to get that in title.




            Shriram Saxena

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              Kashish Chauhan

              Bec you can even use Shriram's approach. It will also solve your problem.

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                Kristy McGee

                Good morning Seb Bec,


                These answers are very good.  I find that I have issues though when I set them to all and I don't want my titles to show.  We have multiple worksheets that are visible by parameter driven filtering.  I usually have another worksheet with the same filters set to display only the text.

                If there is only one value that is expected, you can achieve this same result by placing it on the rows shelf. 


                The only downside is that you can not perform multiple formats for multiple lines (ie Bold then Italic).  You can achieve this by having multiple text calcs for the next row(s).


                Please let me know if you have any questions or anything.





                For example




                [Account Count]=1

                then [Account Name]

                else "All Authorized Accounts ("+[AccountCountStr]+")"