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    Cascading Filters

    Rohit Bose

      How to use cascading filters with 5 filters without using context filters?

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          Matthias Goossens

          Hey Rohit,


          The following article contains Context filter, but it's definitely the best article regarding 'Cascading filters'



          Cascading Quick Filters in Tableau - The Information Lab




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            Swati Mandal

            The best way to apply 5 levels of filters is to make it context at the third level.


            Quick Filter2 filters3 filters4 filters5 filters6 filters
            1stAll ValuesAll valuesAll valuesAll valuesParameter + Data Source filter
            2ndOnly RelevantAll in contextOnly RelevantOnly RelevantAll values
            3rdOnly RelevantAll in contextAll in contextOnly Relevant
            4thOnly RelevantOnly RelevantAll in context
            5thTable CalculationOnly Relevant
            6thTable Calculation
            Context Fields1st1st, 2nd1st, 2nd2nd, 3rd


            However, If you do not want to do context at all then do cascading by selecting the second, third, fourth and fifth filters as "Only Relevant values" and the First filter should say "All Values in data base"


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