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    Cross Database Join in Tableau 10.0

    Akriti Lal

      In order to review the New Features that Tableau 10.0 offers , this blog covers one of the most important features i.e. cross database join in Tableau 10.0. I have given the hands on of how cross database join feature helps you to connect related Data when they are sourced in different excel . Earlier before Tableau 10.0 either you have to use "Blend" to work on the data in different Excel or you have the work around of pasting the data from Different Excel in different sheets of one Excel and then create Join between them. Now with Tableau Cross Database Join , you can easily create Join on data coming from different Excel . Also In the below link i have tried to explain with screen shots how to create a Cross Database join between One Data coming from Excel and the other coming from Microsoft SQL Server Express edition. If you go through the below link , do let me know your feedback and any questions that you might have.






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