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    Filtering causing incorrect results

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,


      Through much help from this forum, I'm very close to reaching an answer to my question!


      On my attached workbook, my objective is to present all invoices that are >30 days AND total past due is >25,000. I then need this summarized at the Payer level. Everything seemed to work out okay, however, when I filter on a specific month, say July 2016, I receive Payers that do not meet the criteria I listed before; however, when I remove the date filter everything looks great.


      Any ideas as to why this is occurring when adding a date filter?






      Thanks again for your time and all your efforts!




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          Alex Xu

          Looks like the moment when tableau evaluate the condition you created in the "set 1", it won't consider date filter. so those payers has already been  grouped into "In of the set" before the date filter.

          in other word, sets filter ran before the date filter.

          To fix this we have to let the date filter run before the "set 1".

          one way to fix this is to setup the date filter as a context filter by "add to context". it shall be good to go after that.