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    Tableau cache hits/misses per workbook

    Semanti Mandal

      Hi All,


      I am trying to find the no. of cache hits/misses per workbook from the vizql server files. I am describing the workflow that I have done so far. I have a SSIS package that separates the data into few columns based on timestamp, request id, user , site , key, value . I have uploaded these files in to Tableau. I have a viz that shows all the cache-hits/cache-miss and the corresponding request id's, session id's timestamp  . I am trying to find the workbook name associated with these cache hits/miss from the apache logs based on the request id's form the vizql log files . But the request id's from both the files don't match and it gives me a null value.


      Any leads on this will be very helpful.



      Semanti !