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    K-means Clustering in Tableau 10.0

    Akriti Lal

      Just wrote this blog on K-means Clustering in Tableau 10.0 & Visualizing Custom Sales territory based on the Analysis . Would be great to get some feedback if someone goes through it . Do let me know if you have any questions/ feedback.







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          XIAOLI LI

          It is interesting.


          I am following your example and have not yet finished.


          Two comments:


          1. For those not from US, like myself, we will need to Edit Locations (change to United States) under Map menu


          2. For "We can change it to “Filled Map” as my personal favorite and put Clusters on Label to identify the states belonging to different cluster.", I have not figured out how to put the Clusters under both Color and Label. In other word, I can either put it on Label or Color. Can you add a bit explanation on how to do it on both?




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            Akriti Lal

            For answer to the 2nd question, when you create Cluster it is put on the Color by default. In order to put it on label , just hold Ctrl Key and then Drag and Drop the "Cluster" to the Label Field without leaving the Ctrl key . Try this out it will work, you just do not need to leave ctrl key before dropping the "Cluster" on colors to Label.

            Let me know if it still does not work out , i can provide you the screen shot.




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              XIAOLI LI

              Thanks - it works well. 


              1 question for your last viz. How do you put the cluster description (i.e. Sales and Profit numbers), e.g.

              Cluster 4


              Profit: 335,319


              Two questions:

              1. When I perform clustering to 7 clusters, the results show the 6 clusters only. Not too sure if there is a bug?


              2. Can you elaborate a bit more on how the visualization results can be used to help you answer your question "how many Sales Person do we need to place for the Sales Territory that we define"?