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    Filtering across multiple datasources using a common field on set default aliases rather than DB values


      Hi all,


      I am relatively new to tableau and would like to be enlightened by you smart folk. Similar questions have been asked/answered regarding this topic. But as far as I can tell this question in particular has not been asked.


      So I have 2 separate worksheets connecting to different datasources. I need to collate these sheets into one workbook. Then a quick filter needs to filter both sheets in the dashboard. (If possible a multi-select is required)


      I am using a data relationship between the 2 datasources on [customer] field. My question, am I able to connect the [customer] fields in the different datasources via the field value aliases? For example in DS1 a [customer] could be using a value 'GGL' and in DS2 could be using a value of 'GL1'. I have set the default aliases as 'google' for both. Will they relate based on this set alias?


      If yes, how do I 'connect' the quick filter on [customer] across both worksheets. This clearly cant be done by Right-click > apply to worksheets > selected worksheets.


      Your help will be most appreciated. Thanks.