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        Ashish Chaudhari

        For this thread there should be a button which says


        "This is Inspiring"



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          Ashish Chaudhari

          Did she shifted from excel to tableau or started using tableau for better decision making?



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            Ashish Chaudhari

            Hi Everyone,


            I am from India. My entire education was around technology stuff. After completing my graduation I prepared for web development using .Net (C#). I got a job which I served for 1 year. later I decided to quit it and go further for my post graduate studies. After completing my PG I was desperately searching for the job which I was not able to find even after 2 months of results.


            Later their was opening posted on Job portal which said they are looking for Trainee Tableau Analyst. That's when I first came to know about the product. I gave interview and got selected. Later coming home same day I did lot of research over what is tableau and is it the trending technology in the market or not. I could hardly see anything about tableau on LinkedIn and job portal as it was very much new to India. It was so new that whenever I have told people that I work on tableau they used to give me weird expression as they have never heard of it. I did not loose my heart but kept on working on the product.


            My role was to consult customers and create the POC to get in the tableau project for our companies. Initially it was very tough as client didn't use to share their data. So I used to create dummy data and prepare the tableau dashboard along with my colleague Pranay Sahu. dilli babu was our mentor along with jagadeesh T. They have helped us in every way possible. Thanks to them. Few of us have really hard time creating dummy data. It is challenge in itself. Somehow I have survived that phase.


            After 6-8 months later I started working on the live projects and started solving real-time problems of customers. Many times I thought of leaving the job as I could not see any direction and future in the same. Later came an onsite opportunity, which has changed my life as I was working with client directly without any intervention of our employer. All the decisions were made by me and proved to be right and slowly I started being independent. As client started digging deeper to create more insightful dashboard, I felt I need some assistance/direction from someone to make those calculation successful. This was the time I bumped into community and started interacting with people for problems that I had. In return I decided to give it back to community whatever help that I have got. I met many of legends here who made my learning process easy and happy. To name few legends are Andy (Kriebel and Cotgreave),Mark, Pooja, Shin, Toby, Tracy, Rody, Shawn, Yuriy, Prashant, Patrick, Tom W, Carl Slifer, Derrick and many more. Later I met ppl from India such as Rajeev, Mahfooj, and Tharashasank who has always came to my help whenever possible. I have started using community from this year. I think its never too late to start anything.


            Then I started following community people over multiple platform such as LinkedIn and twitter. I realized that whole Tableau community interacts more over twitter and they share amazing viz, tips and competitions on their handle. Twitter account that created back in 2007, reactivated and in more that facebook from past 7-8 months. Finally I know why twitter is used.


            I truly thank community and its contributors for creating such a wonderful learning platform. It not only solves problems but creates amazing learning experience with multiple methodology to solve a single problem and thought process behind it. More than the reward system what motivates me is when people say "Thanks for solving the problem" or "That helped".


            Coming back to the Tableau 10 features all are amazing. I have fallen in love with Tableau 10 user interface. Tableau 10 seems like entire new product compared to 9.3. More learning in our way but I am sure that Tableau 10 will make or lives easier. To list few features that are top of my mind are below


            - Quick dashboard formatting

            - CrossDB joins

            - Device Designer which will help to create device specific dashboard

            - Improvements with Maps


            I would also request few of my colleagues and friends to share their journey with tableau and their favorite features in it.

            Alvino Vaz, ameya v, Sumeet Bedekar and all the people tagged above.


            Knowing Tableau does make you star in organisation.


            Thanks and Regards,

            https://www.linkedin.com/in/chaudhariashish | Ashish Chaudhari. (@ashishcool1988) | Twitter | Tableau Public

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              Ashish Chaudhari

              You are welcome buddy. He is one of the best supporting colleagues.



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                Manideep Bhattacharyya

                I am fairly new to Tableau and visual BI domain and only have less than a year experience. Previously I was managing the delivery of Siebel (a CRM product) and Siebel Analytics (now called Oracle OBIEE) for three years and before that I was a Siebel Developer for eight years. In my current organization (one of the FMCG giant in India) my client was complaining about the performance of Oracle OBIEE reports for couple of months and after lot of tuning we couldn’t find a good solution to it.

                My clients were also complaining about the peace of the delivery.


                So I was looking for a faster alternative to this, so that our CEO and Top Management doesn’t have to wait while dashboard getting rendered. Moreover, our client were also looking for Map based interactivity and new ways of interactivity in the Dashboard.


                I did some search on internet, talk to the people and screened Gartner Report and found two suitable solutions to our problem called Tableau and Qlik Sense. As we already had a Qlik delivery team inside our organization, so they were more enthusiast to push Qlik Sense so that some of the Qlik View Code and Concept can be readily absorbed to the Qlik Sense. I have personally learned Tableau from Youtube and Tableau website videos. Later on I was undergone a 5 days Qlik Sense training as well, but still I had personally felt that Tableau would be easy to implement and will give more value to the client.


                Initially with some sample set of Business data I have started building dashboards around Tableau Public to establish the power of Tableau and once our client convinced then we got enormous Support from Tableau Pre-Sales Team to kind enough for giving us free license and tips for couple of months. By that time, we have gathered enough knowledge and build our own Tableau team.


                We have setup our own Tableau Server and started given access to the Top management to some of the basic dashboards. People were so thrilled about the speed our Development, dashboard performance and fresh look, so I never had to look back. We could easily build dashboard on large data set, as we already have an established Data Warehouse and good skill set of ETL and Database, so this gives us added advantage to build data required for Tableau.


                We are now at Tableau 9.3 and looking to implement 10 very soon specially for Mobile enablement on Android app platform and i-OS platform together. Looking the success of our small (four-member team) Tableau team, some of other division within our company is also looking to implement Tableau and we became the Tableau Product consultant and ambassador within our Organization. By now I have become Tableau Qualified Associate as well, that make me more confident on Tableau.


                One thing I must say about the Tableau Community. I have never seen such creative, enthusiast and knowledgeable community in my 13 years of IT career. Community always educate you, push for creativity and give pragmatic solution. All the best to Tableau lovers   and the story goes on ....




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                  Shinichiro Murakami

                  Adding Japanese version per Tracy Rodgers s suggestion.



                  このタイミングに合わせて、私の Tableau 遍歴を簡単にご紹介します。






                  3年くらい前ですが、ちょっとしたきっかけでTableauを知ることになり、すぐさま Tableauファンになりました。

                  きっかけというのは、米国株式に関する注目株の特集で、Tableau の記事を見かけたことです。記事中では、













                  ForumをしばらくRead Onlyで眺めていると、大勢がお互いにQ&Aで助け合っている内容に非常に感銘を受けました。そこから学ぶことも多々ありました。







                  特に具体例として、LOD (Level of Detail) は、教科書的な説明だけでは理解が非常に難しいですが、実際の使用例に数多く触れることにより、



                  Tableau バージョンごとの進化としては、LODが、Version 9 の最大の変更点でした。

                  Version 10 では、クラスタ分析で、新たな分析ができるようになることに期待しています。







                  The way I came to know Tableau was actually from info as Emerging Stock.

                  And I became interested in the service itself because it is said that the program is expanding their users through user-to-user communication.


                  The first two years. I have not used Tableau so much.  Partially tried to replicate the same graphical view which was made by Excel and Powerpoint.

                  But I have not learnt enough skills to replace existing materials and cannot persuade my colleagues/bosses  with confidence.


                  Two things happened around one year ago.

                  First, my company decided to use Tableau as replacement of Proclarity.

                  Second, I started to use Forum.


                  I asked my first question which I had been struggled with and successfully got answer thru Forum, supported by multiple people with big effort.

                  I was surprised that many people are helping each other. And started to answer the question as much as I could. (very small contribution at the beginning)


                  In couple of months, I could be able to create all the company-use charts by Tableau and succeeded to change the way to approach the data in my group.


                  Thru the Forum, I learnt that teaching other people is the biggest learning opportunity to me!!!

                  Especially practicing how to use LOD is quite difficult only by reading textbook.

                  Reading and trying to understand many people's use case is the bast way.


                  Technically, LOD was the biggest when version-9 came in.

                  Then, I expect another big step on version-10 with clustering.

                  I still need to learn other features from now, but just looking forward to tasting them.



                  Thank you,




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                    Mark Fraser

                    Really enjoyed reading through this thread


                    A few years back, my last main task at my previous employer was to research BI software (we wanted to move away from Access & Excel), after reviewing several products from across the Gartner Magic Quadrant, I choose a relative newcomer to the space - Tableau.


                    Although I had left by the time it was deployed, I'm fortunate that my old boss (founder & CEO at Urban AI – applied intelligence ), and the person who introduced me to Tableau (thank you MrTom Dewar) has already featured in a promotional video and told 'our' Tableau story...

                    Transforming Healthcare Data into Insight with Tableau Visual Analytics | Tableau Software


                    Scroll forward...

                    At my current employer, my first main task was to research BI software, after reviewing several products from across the Gartner Magic Quadrant ... you can guess the rest! Safe to say - we haven't looked back

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                      Toby Erkson


                      As Tracy stated in her opening post, this is for people to tell their story about how they got into Tableau.  So please tell us your story

                      ...How'd you get started with Tableau? What was your first favorite feature and what version was it in? What feature are you most excited for in this new release?

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                        Mahfooj Khan

                        Thanks Ashish for the kind words! I'm glad

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                          Akriti Lal

                          My first encounter with Tableau was Tableau 7.0 in 2012 . For one of my Analytics project requirement ,searched on internet and saw it for the first time . Never knew that i would make a full time career into it and I must say a very passionate journey . Tableau has been making life of Analyst easier day by day . In the initial day there were many features for which work around was required ,but now can be achieved at great ease with some real cool features . Initially the concept "Analytics for Everyone" was so motivating and the way Tableau is moving ahead I am sure very soon it would be "Advance Analytics at the Finger Tips" of everyone. This is the beauty of Tableau and I enjoy opening Tableau every single day.

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                            Jonathan Drummey

                            This is a great thread!


                            A short version of my story:


                            In 2011 I came back into working in technology after a break, just prior to that I was splitting time between parenting as a stay-at-home dad and working as a massage therapist. I was hired as the first data analyst in the quality department of the local healthcare system, a key reason why was that I had the people skills to talk with nurses and physicians and the technical skills to talk with computers and IT staff. We were only using MS Excel and text files, with one person having started using MS Access. For what we wanted to do with getting data out to people I knew we needed something more and in web searches saw the Tableau ads on Google, downloaded the 14-day trial, and within 1/2 hour knew I'd found the software we needed. Tableau is my favorite piece of software, ever. The days that I get to analyze data in Tableau are the best!


                            I got really involved in the forums around the same time that Shawn Wallwork and Tracy Rodgers did as a way to learn Tableau, connect with other Tableau users (I was the only one in my organization), and help people solve their Tableau problems.  Joe Mako, Richard Leeke, James Baker, Alex Kerin, and other brilliant & helpful people inspired me to go more deeply into my answers and really try to make sure that users got their questions answered and in going that extra step (or sometimes many steps with multiple emails to tech support and developers) really helped build my Tableau skills. And the community has been fantastic, personally I've made a number of new friends and professionally I've been able to transition into doing Tableau consulting full-time with DataBlick.


                            My favorite Tableau feature when I started using Tableau (v6.0) is that Tableau is a data-driven drawing tool. So long as we structure the data right we can draw anything in Tableau, from a flower to a Tesla. (My second favorite is custom table calculations, all I had for my first few years of Tableau was MS Excel and MS Access sources and custom table calcs let me do things that were near-impossible in the two other tools). My favorite v10 feature has been the changes to the calculation pipeline that let us now use ad hoc Groups in calculated fields and custom calculations inside the dimension declarations in LODs.



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                              Paulo Dantas

                              Hi everyone,


                              i new with Tableau, started with version 9.2 (One mont), but i have experience with another BI Tools for more 2 years in QlikView and Qlik Sense.


                              I can see how it is so easy building sheet and painel. It is more important, i don´t need create scripts and more scripts for analysing datas.


                              Thank you for all help in community.



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                                gene shackman

                                Very short story. I just started to use Tableau a couple of weeks ago, so have only used version 10. I found it pretty easy to start right up and create some very simple tables and charts. That's good. Now I have a little more complex things to do, and it's not so easy to figure out some of this stuff. I will say, however, I am getting help from some folks on the forum. So that is good too!





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                                  Latisha McDougall

                                  I started working with Tableau in 2015, in graduate school and it has been a love/hate relationship, but I wouldn't trade it for all the chocolate in the world. I am excited that we are using this at my place of work and it has become one of our main tools. My favorite feature is custom SQL, but now that Tableau 10 is out, the cross data source joins are a close second. I also love how seamlessly Tableau intergrates with R. I am hoping to one day become a Tableau Jedi.

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