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    Salesforce Opportunity Stage History data rows missing in Tableau

    Mary Ann Gardner

      We are creating a Opportunity Pipeline dashboard in Tableau by connecting to the Opportunity Stage History table in Salesforce.


      We are finding that there are rows no longer being pulled into Tableau (compared to the dashboard run in Feb 2016.)


      Does anyone have any experience connecting to the Opportunity Stage History table in Tableau?


      Note: Our Salesforce instance has "renamed" Opportunities to Deals, so the tables in Tableau refer to Deals.


      Here is the Deal (Historical) table as it is exposed in Tableau.
      Deal(Historical) table in Tableau
      In Salesforce we can see in the Stage History, 8 rows
      Stage History data from Salesforce
      Here is a Deal History Report from Salesforce.

      Deal History Report in Salesforce.png


      As of August 2016, Here is the data being pulled into Tableau:

      Deal Historical data in Tableau as of August - 16.png

      Notice that the earliest 3 rows seen in Salesforce are no longer included.   They were in the data for February 2016.


      Any Ideas why they may be missing?

      When viewing the Stage History in Salesforce, it initially only shows the first 5 records.  You have to click Show More>> to get all the records.   Could this have anything to do with it?