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    How to display an object for a specified user AND that has a clickable Action associated to the object?

    Toby Erkson

      I know some of you may freak, me wanting to do something beyond a data table, but here goes...



      This is what I'm looking to do:  If a user views a viz they see this:


      but if I log on I see this (Admin Panel text in image):

      And if I were to click on the text (or floating tile above the image, whatever) then it will take me to a worksheet in the workbook where I'll have info for me -- I do know how to add a filter to the worksheet so it will be blank for everyone but me.



      When I create applications in Excel or Access I'll sometimes have extra buttons or options display when the application recognizes me as the user.  This allows me to do special things that a regular user would not be able to do -- typically it's just boring testing/trouble-shooting actions.  I would like to set up a process similar to this for some of my workbooks that I use but that are also customer-facing.


      So how do I display the "Admin Panel" for me only AND make it an Action to take me to the worksheet of my desire?  (Hmm, that's rather amorous sounding )

      Any workbook with a dashboard and two sheets will do so I've attached a slimmed-down Superstore.twbx.  I can transfer the concept to my workbooks.