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    Views Permissions

    Jay D

      I have a workbook with 4 sheets and one dashboard.

      In my server having 4 users names like  A,B,C,D, here A,B under TOP Management group and C,D under Middle Management group.

      All the users having only Viewer Permissions.

      Here is the Scenario

      When top management group was login they can view only sheet
      1 and Sheet 2 they can’t view the sheet3 and sheet 4 and middle management is
      login they can view only sheet3 and sheet 4 they can’t view the sheet1 and
      sheet 2

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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Jay,


          I am unsure what the question is. I can only guess that you are asking us to replicate the scenario for you on the server? Have you read the following blog post? It is a fantastic introduction to understanding how Tableau Server's handles users, groups, and permissions https://www.interworks.com/blog/bfair/2015/09/29/tableau-server-permissions-demystified.


          You should be very easily able to set your permissions after this post.



          Carl Slifer


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            Jay D

            Thanks for your reply Carel.

            Here the scenario at server side.

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              John Kuo

              Yes, you can specify permissions down to the workbook's view level. Go to the desired view, click the three dots on the top right corner > permissions


              1-11-2016 11-42-33 AM.jpg


              Specify a user or group, and under permissions select "denied." That way the user won't even know the view exists.


              1-11-2016 11-34-53 AM.jpg







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                Jay D

                I deployed my workbook, it gave round 4 dashboards and 25 views, and in dashboards they have an action filters.

                While deploying the workbook we set the option “Show Sheet as Tab”, why because of we have an action filters.


                When set the Show Sheet as Tab option, can we assign the view level permission, like deny or view at user level…?

                I am unable to set the permissions at user/group level when set Show Sheet as Tab option

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                  Jason Huffman

                  Hi Jay,


                  Looking into your use case, it will be necessary to publish workbooks with the 'Show Sheets as Tabs' box unchecked in order to assign view level permissions. In addition to selecting the option when publishing from Desktop, you can also switch between tabbed views on Tableau Server by:


                  1. From the Workbooks list, select the check box for the desired workbook.

                  2. Click the 'Actions' button and select 'Tabbed Views...' from the drop-down menu.


                  3. In the Tabbed Views window, select 'Show Tabs' or 'Hide Tabs'.






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                    Clive Munz



                    Is there any push to include view level permissions on tabbed workbooks. My users want the tabs but also want to ability to specify view level permissions within those workbooks. Currently the only way I would be able to provide this is to upload two versions of the same workbook which is inefficient and might make my server admin Toby Erkson give me annoyed looks.



                    Clive Munz

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                      Toby Erkson

                      It's my understanding that setting individual permissions for each displayable tab in a workbook cannot be done.  Only the permissions of the whole workbook can be altered if the permissions for the Project are set to "Managed by the owner..."

                      The downside of this is that permissioning maintenance can get more involved.  If the Project permissions are set to "Locked to the project" (my preference) then every workbook will assume the Project's permissions and permissioning maintenance becomes much easier:

                      However, authors won't be able to set the individual permissions of workbooks.  Again, saves the maintenance and 'who can do what' admin & trouble-shooting -- they can't view a viz so is the problem at the sheet, workbook, project, site or server permission level?

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                        Toby Erkson

                        Clive Munz, you could try an alternate method.  See my post here on how I jumped from one workbook to another:  Re: How to display an object for a specified user AND that has a clickable Action associated to the object?

                        It's a hack but works.  Joe Oppelt explains how to jump to a sheet w/in the workbook (which I will try to do).