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    Reading an undetermined amount of columns from Excel

    Matt Olsen



      I'm sure this is a very basic question, but I couldn't find any relevant articles and I want to know whether I'm going down a blind alley here-


      I want to create a dashboard with a set of graphs reading from various Excel files I can swap in and out.


      The data looks like the below - I have various fields down the left side, and a reading for those fields taken on different dates. The amount of columns will vary between the source Excel files and will increase over time as more data is collected, but I don't want to manually place them all as columns in Tableau for each update.

      I can successfully load in the rows as below, but it seems I have to drag in each dated column individually? (this would be a deal breaker given the volume we need to get through). Is it possible instead for Tableau to just automatically insert whatever amount of columns are available from the source Excel file?

      Excel does this automatically - I can add or remove columns from the source data and the graph will adjust accordingly:

      Any advice appreciated!